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Diet for CKD Stage 4

Diet for CKD Stage 4Different CKD stages require different diet management. As for CKD stage 4 is an advanced kidney damage, patients are suggested to follow a strict diet.

Diet Goal

The goal of CKD stage 4 diet is to reserver the remaining kidney function to delay or prevent CKD stage 5. In the end stage of Kidney Disease, patients may have to survive with the help of Dialysis or Kidney Transplant.

And a good diet for CKD stage 4 help:

- keep your Kidney Disease from getting worse.

- prevent infection

- help maintain a healthy weight

- build muscle

Diet Principles

- Get enough vitamins. You are suggested to check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements or medicines and you can not buy without a doctor’s prescription. Some vitamins and minerals may be harmful to people with CKD, thereby, you need to talk with your doctor firstly.

- Monitor the Protein you take. Protein is very important nutrient for your body to build muscle, repair tissue and fight infections. However, much intake of protein foods will break up some waste products which will make your kidneys burdened. How many proteins you can take depend on your CKD stage, nutrition condition, muscle mass and other factors etc. You are suggested to make choices from the following foods: poultry, red meats, eggs, fish, grains and vegetables.

- Plan your calories intake. Calories, like fuel, provides our bodies energy which makes you survive. If you fail to make a good plan about your calory intake, you body may not have the energy you need, and this may cause fatigue or tiredness day and night.

- Make your Diet delicious. It is a hard thing for people with CKD stage 4 to have a good appetite, if they take low-salt, low-phosphorus and low-protein foods everyday. And the dull diet may also push the patients to obey the suggested diet principles. Nutritional supplements can help solve this problem sometimes. And you can ask your dietitian for help, he or she will let you know more choices, such as drinks, juices, snacks, bars, puddings etc, which you cannot imagine. Or you can get help from us via email. And we are glad to help you find the right diet guidance for your CKD.

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