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Low Purine Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Low Purine Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsIn the body, purine turns into uric acid in the liver and then is discharged out of the body via kidneys and intestinal tract. When kidneys are damaged, patients are suggested to follow a low purine diet.

Why do CKD patients need to take low purine diet?

Normally, about 1/3 of uric acid, generated from purine, is excreted by intestinal tract, while 2/3 of purine is excreted by kidneys. When kidneys are damaged, they are unable to eliminate uric acid completely. Extra uric acid will build up in the blood, resulting in gout, kidney stone, metabolic acidosis, and some other problems easily. From this point, CKD patients especially in end stage should follow a low purine diet plan.

The dietary principles of low purine diet

- Provide enough carbohydrate that can supplement energy for the body and reduce the burden on kidneys

- Limit protein and sodium: Daily intake of protein should be limited to about 0.8g/kg body weight, and patients had better choose milk, egg and lean meat as protein source.

- Drink 2000~3000ml fluid if patients can urinate normally: This can make more uric acid eliminated via urine.

- Choose foods rich in vitamin B1 and C

- Prevent animal giblets, sea foods, mushroom, spicy foods, alcohol, stimulating foods, and so on

How to arrange a low-purine diet plan?

If patients want to follow a low-purine diet pan, they should make sure the content of purine in foods what they are eating. For example, animal giblets, sea fish, shrimp, shell, spinach, beer, alcohol, yeast powder, and so on, are all high in purine. Kidney patients who are developing a low-purine diet had better avoid these foods in their daily life.

If you want to get a food list low in purine or high in purine in detail, just leave a message below. We will send them to you.

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