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Which Foods to Take with Grade 1 Chronic Parenchymal Disease and Creatinine 3.7

Which Foods to Take with Grade 1 Chronic Parenchymal Disease and Creatinine 3.7Grade 1 chronic renal parenchymal disease can cause kidney filters to lose their ability gradually. Creatinine 3.7 means kidneys have been damaged severely. Then, patients should be careful about their foods to eat.

For patients with renal parenchymal disease, their basic dietary requirements are to reduce the burden on kidneys and limit the intake of protein, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and fat. In view of this, patients should eat more foods as follows.

1. High-quality protein

High-quality protein is also called complete protein that can not only meet the body's need but also reduce the production of waste chemicals. Thereby, patients should make sure at least half of protein intake come from high-quality protein.

2. Low-sodium foods

A low-sodium diet can help prevent and manage fluid retention and high blood pressure. With grade 1 chronic renal parenchymal disease, patients may suffer from swelling or hypertension. Mostly, vegetables and fruits contain little sodium, while bacon, salty drinks, salty condiments, processed foods, and so on, are rich in sodium.

3. Foods rich in vitamin C

Some doctors introduce that vitamin C-containing foods are able to protect residual kidney cells and increase glomerular filtration rate to some extent. As GFR increases, more creatinine and other waste products can be eliminated from the body, and then creatinine level 3.7 declines.

4. Foods low in potassium and phosphorus

When kidney function is lost seriously, extra potassium and phosphorus will build up in the blood, causing high potassium and phosphorus level in the blood. From this point, patients should eat foods low in these two minerals.

Now, we have got a general overview of foods to take with grade 1 chronic renal parenchymal disease and high creatinine 3.7. To get an individual diet plan, you can email to or leave a message below.

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