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What Foods to Avoid with Stage 4 Kidney Disease

What Foods to Avoid with Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseIn stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD), kidneys’ ability to filter blood declines, so patients are recommended to avoid some foods that will increase the burden on kidneys. If you happen to have stage 4 kidney disease, you can detect a food list to avoid with Stage 4 CKD.

The following are general types of restricted foods for patients with stage 4 kidney disease. If you want to get a food list to avoid suitable for yourself in detail, you can consult the Doctor online directly through the dialog box in the lower right concern.

Now, follow me to find out what kinds of foods that stage 4 kidney disease patients had better not add into their meal plan.

High-salt foods: Sodium is one mineral that can worsen kidney patients’ fluid retention and high blood pressure, so these patients are suggested to develop a low-sodium diet. Salt is the main source of sodium in our daily life, so the intake of high-salt foods such as processed foods, bacon, canned foods, potato chips and fried foods should be controlled strictly.

Plant protein: This type of protein usually contains less essential amino acid, that is to say, it may produce more waste products to burden kidneys. Therefore, kidney patients had better manage the amount of plant protein intake, which includes bean, grains, pumpkin seed, spinach, asparagus, etc.

High-phosphorus foods: Excessive amount of phosphorus intake can increase the risk of skin itching, muscle cramps and bone disease, so high-phosphorus foods should be avoided. They are nuts, dairy products, chocolate, coca-cola, potatoes and seafoods.

High-potassium foods: Common high-potassium foods include watermelon, banana, grape, orange, white melon and so on.

The above are some dietary suggestions for stage 4 kidney disease patients. If you have any question, you can contact us directly.

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