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Protein Alternatives for CKD Patients

Protein Alternatives for CKD PatientsKidney disease can cause many health problems, and it is important for patients with CKD to regulate their diet to improve their condition. In the diet of CKD, protein can make significant influence to patient’s kidney function and overall condition, so it is important for patients to regulate their protein intake to improve their condition.

In fact, many CKD patients may know they should have low protein intake in their diet, because high protein intake is very dangerous. As a result, many patients may want to take other foods to replace their protein intake. Well then, are there protein altenatives for patients with CKD?

Why protein is dangerous for patients with CKD?

Protein is important for our body health, but it is also a nutrient which can produce lots of metabolic wastes, and they will need to be filtrated out by kidney. For patients with CKD, their kidney structure is damaged by their disease, so if patients have much excess protien intake, that can produce lots of metabolic wastes. As a result, that will increase patient’s kidney workload, which can aggravate patient’s kidney damage. Thereby, much protein is very dangerous for patients with CKD.

Are there protein alternatives for CKD patients?

On the other hand, protein is an essential nutrient, and it is very important for our body health. For exmple, protein plays a key role in our immune system. As a result, there is no protein alternative for CKD patients.

Thereby, it is important for patients with CKD to protect their remaining kidney function, and it is also important for patients to protect their overall health condition. To make a balance between these two aspects, it is necessary for patients to have strict restriction in their protein intake. For healthy people, the recommended protein intake is about 0.8g/mg, and that is also suitable for patients with CKD. But it is necessary for patients to take foods with high-quality protein at this point, becasue there are eight kinds of amino acid can not be produced by our body, and foods like lean meat, fish, egg white, etc, are good choices.

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