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How to Live with Stage 3 of CKD

Stage 3 of CKD,WalkingWhen people seek for information on CKD stage 3, they want to live a better life with it. How to lieve with stage 3 of CKD. Here is an conclusive suggestion from an expert who worked for 27 years on kidney disease.

- Walking is an ideal exercise for people with CKD stage 3. There is no simpler choice than walking to improve the outcome of kidney disease. If you have no severe complications, you are suggested to get around 30 min of exercise a day. It is one of the easiest way to maintain an active lifestyle when you are in CKD stage 3 or are on dialysis. It help control blood pressure, curb cardiovascular problems and alleviate stress. Talk to your doctor and put your best foot forward and enjoy the health benefits exercise can provide.

- Tells others that you have CKD. If you have CKD stage 3, you are not alone. You can get support from your family, doctor, dietitian, nurse, social workers and other patients. Just start a conversation with the around people that you want tell about your kidney disease conditions. You may get the best source of information about your stage and additional support from them. Never belittle the power of conversation. It is an important aspect in coping with chronic kidney disease. Believe or not, you choice!

- Talk with your doctors immediate when you feel tried for sex. CKD stage 3 may affect the sexuality physically and emotionally. Sexual problem can be triggered by many ways for CKD patients, such as low sex drive, body image, psychological effect, erectile dysfunction, stress etc. Talk to your doctor will be helpful. He or she will help to find the cause and find the right medical measures for you.

- Control your anger. Anger may happen at any time for CKD stage 3 people, when they are tried of dealing with the illness. This disturbs your outcome of CKD. Understanding that you are the most powerful person on your health care team is the first step in regaining control and releasing your anger. Find more healthier ways to control you anger. Humor and laughter can be positive distractions from stressful situations and can diffuse some of the negative emotions. A hearty laugh can lighten a mood for several minutes or several hours.

If Living with CKD stage 3 is a challenge for you, you will be the most powerful man who can decide your life quality based on this illness. Believing yourself and Getting support from your Family and your doctor is the key to live a better life!

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