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Diet for Stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease

Stage3 kidney disease,dietPatient with stage 3 of chronic kidney disease is suggested to follow a special diet for healthy diet options help slow the development of the disease. When suffering from stage 3 kidney disease, the diet followed has to be a particular kind.

General diet recommendation

Stage 3 if a moderate decrease in kidney functions and several general diet principles include low intake of sodium, protein, phosphorus and potassium. And all these categories can be broken down more specifically too.

Details on diet management

If you happen to be a person with CKD stage 3, you are suggested to see renal dietitian. Before making a management for the patient, dietitian will analysis the medical report to gather information. This will help them to find the best diet plan for patients. The best diet for stage 3 of Kidney Disease is suggested to:

- A diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and moderate in total fats, especially if cholesterol is high or if you have diabetes or heart disease

- Limiting calcium if blood levels are above normal

- Keeping protein intake within the DRI level recommended for healthy people with attention to high quality protein.

- Limiting intake of refined and processed foods high in sodium and prepare foods with less salt or high sodium ingredients

- Including a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables, but whole grains and some fruits and vegetables may be limited if blood tests show phosphorus or potassium levels are above normal.

Permitted Foods List

- orange juice, coffee or tea with sugar,

- pineapples, grapes, watermelon, mango, apples, plums, strawberry, grapefruit, banana, peach halves,

- toast with jelly, cornflakes, english muffins,

- shrimp, cooked yellow rice, chicken thigh, baked potato,

- tomato, broccoli, green beans, mixed salad.

Besides permitted food list, there are also other foods list, such us suggested fruit list, recommended drinks list etc, for CKD stage 3. If you have interest, you can email to for more details.

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