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Green Tea And Kidney Disease Patients

Green Tea And Kidney Disease PatientsGreen tea is a common drink in our life, and it can take many benefits to our health. While patients with kidney disease have many restrictions in their diet, so they may want to have a better understanding about green tea’s effects on their health.

The benefits of green tea to patients with kidney disease

The major ingredient in green tea is tea polyphenol, and tea polyphenol is helpful in inhibiting the formation of atherosclerosis. Besides, green tea also has the function of helping the degradation of fat. These effects of green tea are very beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. As we know, cardiovascular disease is a common complication to patients with kidney disease, and that is a major reason of death cases, while green tea is helpful in reducing this risk.

Green tea is also good at diuresis. The caffeine in green tea can stimulate our kidneys, which can promote patients’ urination, and this can also improve patients’ glomerular filtration rate. Kidney disease patients often have edema, while this can relieve this symptom.

Another obvious benefit of green tea is it can help remove fatigue. The caffeine in green tea can also help excrete the excess lactic acid out, and that can help remove patients’ fatigue rapidly. Besides, there are abundant vitamin C and antioxidant in green tea, which can help clear the free radical in body, and they can also stimulate our body to excrete the hormone which can relieve tension. In addition, green tea can also promote the excitability of central nervous system. For patients with kidney disease, especially for patients in the late stage, they often feel fatigue. Thereby, drinking green tea is helpful for this problem.

Besides, green tea is also in favor of anti-aging, preventing cancer, resisting virus, etc. Besides, if people often drink green tea, that is helpful for their eye health.


Patients should also be careful when they drink green tea, because there are some taboos in drinking green tea. For patients with kidney disease, if they have urinary stone, they should not drink green tea. Besides, patients should also remember that they should not take medicine together with green tea.

In the end, different patients will have their own condition. Thereby, patients had better consult their doctor’s advices on their diet arrangement, and the intake of green tea should also be arranged into their plan.

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