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Should Patients With CKD Have Coffee

Should patients with CKD have coffee

Coffee is a drink which is loved by many people around the world. Its taste may be a little bitter, but it is very aromatic at the same time. On the other hand, we often hear patients’ asking about whether they can have coffee with kidney disease. The answer will be different according to their conditions. Here let us learn if patents with CKD can have coffee.

what benefits can coffee provide us?

Coffee has many benefits to our body health. For example, coffee contains abundant caffeine, and caffeine can remove people’s tiredness, promote the excretion of digestive juice. What’is more, because it can help body excrete the excess amount of sodium, it also has the effect of diuresis, which is greatly beneficial for kidney disease patients who have edema. Besides, coffee can also regulate people’s emotion, and it can make people more alert and excited. As we know, patients with CKD often have fatigue, so it is very helpful to relieve this condition. Certainly, coffee can also take many other benefits to us, like health-care function, preventing gall-stone, and skin care.

What are the shortcomings of drinking coffee?

On the other hand, coffee also has its shortcomings. Caffeine can be used as a painkiller, while it can also increase the blood pressure. If the person with hypertension has tense emotion when he drink coffee, his blood pressure will be much more higher. While hypertension is a common complication to patients with CKD, especially to patients who are in their late stage. So drinking coffee may aggravate CKD patients’ condition if they are in late stage.

Coffee can also cause osteoporosis if people drink it for long period. Caffeine is unfavorable to the absorption of calcium, and it may cause the loss of sclerotin. If the amount of calcium in people’s diet is lacking, or people do not have activity frequently, and at the same tine, if these people have the habit of drinking coffee, they may have osteoporosis easily. On the other hand, patients with kidney disease often have the disorder of minerals, and the imbalance of potassium and calcium may cause the shortage of calcium, and then patients may have bone disease. As a result, coffee may destroy CKD patients’ health if they are in late stage.

In addition , if people have nervous problems, drinking coffee can also cause nervosity to them. Besides, taking too much caffeine can also cause the toxication of caffeine.

So patients with CKD should be careful when they take coffee. To patients in early stage of CKD, it can be helpful to patents’ condition. But if patients have already been in the late stage of CKD, the intake of coffee may cause damage more easily.

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