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Can Stage 3 CKD with Creatinine 2.9 Drink Herb Tea

Can Stage 3 CKD with Creatinine 2.9 Drink Herb TeaHealthy kidneys generally perform an essential job of filtering creatinine out from the blood. In Stage 3 CKD, the kidneys are moderately damaged, and creatinine level will get elevated. Can a person with creatinine 2.9 with Stage 3 CKD drink herb tea?

Several herbs make excellent medicinal teas that can help lower high creatinine and help kidneys function. Herbs can produce side effects, so consult the doctor before taking herb tea.


This is a common herb found in many American lawns. The fresh or dried herb makes a wonderful herbal tea. It stimulates urine output, flushing fluid buildup and toxins from the body, and cleansing the kidneys during the process.


Cinnamon tea helps to promote the filtration process and to strengthen weak kidneys, thus improving the excretion of creatinine. In addition, it also has other benefits including aiding digestion, relieving pain, control hypertension, etc.


Nettles have a long history of medicinal use, and the leaves and roots are made into a tea and drunk for a variety of health-enhancing purposes. Nettle tea can be used as a general health tonic and to help lowering high creatinine 2.9 in Stage 3 CKD.


This is another herb that may help lower creatinine levels in the body. This benefit may have been due to high levels of antioxidants present in this herb. Check with the doctor before taking larger amounts of this tea.

The above herb tea can be taken to help creatinine 2.9 with Stage 3 CKD. It is important that you speak to your doctor for the best choice. Or, chat with our online doctor for personalized advice!

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