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CKD Stage 3 with Creatinine 3.1: How to Lower It by Foods

CKD Stage 3 with Creatinine 3.1: How to Lower It by FoodsCKD Stage 3 indicates your kidneys are filtering at a rate of around 30-59 ml/minute. If your creatinine level has risen to 3.1, you may begin eating certain foods to lower the level naturally.


Typically protein intake for CKD Stage 3 with high creatinine is about 0.8g/kg body weight (1 kg equals about 2.2 lbs). Proper sources of foods include fish, eggs, meat, poultry, and small amounts of milk, etc.


The recommended sodium intake for your condition is 1,000-4,000 mg/day based on blood pressure, fluid balance and the presence of other diseases. Avoid processed foods like hot dogs, canned or frozen foods. Fresh food over packaged are recommended.


Fluid is not limited in CKD Stage 3 CKD and high creatinine unless you presence fluid retention and reduced urine output. If this happens, you will need to limit how much liquid you consume. If you would like to get the list of drinks and beverages suitable for you, please Email us at


Suggested intake for you is 2-4g a day. You may be asked to limit or eliminate leafy green vegetables, broccoli, bananas, potatoes, oranges and apricots, all of which are high in potassium, and encouraged to choose foods such as apples, cucumbers, grapes, rice, carrots, lettuce, cranberries and so on.

When you have CKD Stage 3 and creatinine 3.1, it's helpful to know proper foods to lower creatinine, slow the progression of the kidney disease as well as improve your life quality. If you still have any question, feel free to leave your doubt in the following message board. Our kidney expert will reply you soon with helpful advice!

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