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CKD Stage 4: Life Expectancy for People with 19% Renal Function

CKD Stage 4: Life Expectancy for People with 19% Renal Function"My uncle has said he has CKD Stage 4 with 19% renal function. Can you tell me what his life expectancy is? And how to keep his kidneys working as long as possible? Thanks!" In order to guide patients in similar case, we offer detailed explanation in this article.

To be quite honest, this is a very difficult question to answer. There is no scientific way to accurately predict life expectancy of CKD Stage 4. There are many factors that need to be considered, and each case is different. In order to assess what impact Kidney Disease would have on his longevity, you can email to with more about his illness condition. Our kidney experts will analysis it and reply you with the answer.

CKD Stage 4 means that the kidneys are severely damaged and his kidney function will decline gradually. Kidney Failure could occur when the kidney function falls below 10%. In this case, Dialysis has to be adopted. On average, a person on dialysis would live 3-5 more years. The annual mortality rate for End Stage Kidney Failure is 22%. That means that the average ESKF patient will live for just under 5 years on dialysis.

Fortunately, there is effective treatment that can stop the progression of CKD Stage 4 with 19% renal function and keep the kidneys working as long as possible. It is known as Immunotherapy. If Dialysis is avoided with Immunotherapy, it can greatly increase the lifespan of your uncle.

While receiving medical treatment, living a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) would help him live a normal lifespan.

Dealing with CKD Stage 4 and 19% renal function is surely a complicated task. Glad to share much helpful information. Feel free to leave a message in the below if you still have any question. Best wishes!

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