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CKD Stage 4 Prognosis

CKD Stage 4 PrognosisSpeaking of CKD stage 4 prognosis, you may get 1001 answers from 1000 doctors. But really, if you do everything it takes to reverse the adverse effects of advanced Kidney Disease, your can dramatically increase your CKD stage 4 prognosis.

CKD Stage4

CKD Stage 4 is an advanced kidney damage stage in which the eGFR is measure at 15~30ml/min. Generally speaking, it is the 4th level of progression for Kidney Disease. Due to its severe kidney damage, the prognosis is not promising in many cases. However, there are two major factors which make changes in stage 4 Kidney Disease Prognosis.

Symptoms Effects on CKD Stage 4 Prognosis

When your kidney damage develops into Kidney Disease stage4, there are many symptoms. And one of them is known as uremia which means the increased amount of waste products and extra water building up in your blood.

The increased toxins deposition in your blood will surely affect your internal organs, such as liver, heart, which will surely affect the prognosis.

Actually, sometimes the complications of CKD stage 4 may lead to a severer prognosis than kidney damage itself. Kidney pain is also more pronounced, and it may denote something beyond the decline of kidney efficiency. Thereby, it is important to find the treatments which can help alleviate the symptoms and prevent the complications of CKD stage4. Wana to know the exact symptoms effects on your kidney disease prognosis? Email your symptoms and complications, as well as your kidney functions to and you can expect to get a reply within 2 days.

Treatments Effects on CKD Stage 4 Prognosis

Besides symptoms, treatments also play an important role in CKD stage 4 prognosis. Many diverse treatments are available for this stage of kidney disease. If Dialysis can be avoided, it can greatly improve the prognosis. There is use of combining medical treatments and healthy living, which can supply a promising prognosis, if it is effective.

Some Chinese Herbs help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. If it can help elevate the kidney function up to 20%~30%, dialysis is no more a necessary option. Remember stage4 never means a death sentence! Interested in the herbs for kidney function improvement? Leave a message below or email to for a free reply.

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