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Can CKD Stage 4 Cause Children Growth Failure

Can CKD Stage 4 Cause Children Growth FailureFor most cases of children with CKD Stage 4, they were born with a urologic disease or inherited the disorders. The common causes include blockage of the urinary tract, unusual growth of the kidneys, reflux nephropathy and FSGS. One of the most concerned questions of parents is can the disease cause growth failure? Read on to find the answer.

How do the kidneys affect a kid's growth?

In addition to discharging waste products and excessive fluid from the blood, the kidneys perform the following functions to affect a kid's growth:

▪ Help regulate the amounts and interactions of nutrients from food, including minerals such as vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium.

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for normal bone growth. In Kidney Disease, bones are not able to get enough calcium either because the kidneys fail to turn vitamin D into calcitriol or because they let excessive phosphorus build up in the blood. The excess phosphorus draws calcium into the blood and blocks calcium from getting to the bones.

▪ Maintain the balance of acid-base in the blood

▪ Secrete a hormone called EPO, which promotes productions of red blood cells

▪ Play a possible role in the metabolism of growth hormone (somatotropin)

As children are at the early stages of their developmental processes and are particularly vulnerable to the down side effects of chronic kidney disease. The metabolic changes related with CKD Stage 4 are associated with abnormal growth or growth failure.

The causes of growth failure in kids with kidney disease may include protein-calorie malnutrition, kidney losses of essential salts, metabolic acidosis, anemia, kidney disease bone disease, and disturbances in the growth hormone, etc.

Timely treatment of CKD Stage 4 is very necessary to help patients live a normal and productive life. If you still have any question about the best treatment, feel free to leave a message in the below or consult our online doctor for free advice. Best wishes!

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