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High Creatinine Level 4.1, One Kidney, Clearance of 30%

Q: My husband, who is 56 years old, will have a chance to live normally. My husband who has only one kidney, with a creatinine of 4.1 and clearance of 30%, was operated in 2009 and one of his kidneys was removed due to a cyst that was on it and the Dr. could not save the kidney.

After the operation his creatinine was 1.5 and the clearance was 99% after around one year the kidney's clearance was 60% after it improved to be 70% but suddenly, due to a sudden increase in blood sugar the kidney clearance decreased to be 30%. The kidney now is unable to produce the hemoglobin and the doctor gave him injection once a week to help the kidney producing the hemoglobin what increased the Hg in the blood.

A: You know that if your husband have two kidney and don't have other disease it will not very serious. But the things is that your husband just have one kidney and his blood sugar also high, so it serious.

His condition it still very hopeful with the timely effective treatment. We have treated so many patient all of them is Diabetes or Kidney Disease patient. And some of their condition is much worse than your husband, so we believe that we can help him get better .

You know that why your husband's creatinine level become high? It is because the damaged of the renal function .We know that our kidney have the function to discharge of the toxins in our body. And the creatinine level is a kind of the toxins in our body .as the function of our kidney declined the creatinine level in our blood will be increased. So the creatinine level is not the main problem. The problem is to save his kidney .

To be honest as you mentioned that your husband's GFR decreased from 99% to 30% in the last four years. I should say that his renal function declined fast. Without the proper treatment it will go on declining. Once his GFR decreased to 15% your husband will need the Dialysis.

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