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Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Renal Atrophy

Chronic Kidney Disease refers to the kidney medical condition in which the kidneys fail to work functionally. Can chronic kidney disease cause renal atrophy?

Renal Atrophy

Renal atrophy refers to kidney disease condition in which the loss of nephrons causes a smaller sized kidney. Read on and find its cause, symptoms, test and treatment. Many causes can contribute to renal atrophy, including renal ischemia, ongoing kidney infection, renal parenchyma damage, renal artery blockage, reflux nephropathy etc.

Chronic kidney disease also may cause renal atrophy.

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Cause Renal Atrophy?

Kidneys are made of nephrons and each kidney consists of more than 1 million nephrons. Nephron is the renal unit which works as renal filter to remove the waste products and extra fluids from the blood.

Chronic Kidney Disease causes the nephrons damaged and each nephron consists of renal cells and artery. When them cannot received the enough blood and oxygen, they will fade away and scarred. In clinic, we call it as sclerosis. And it is the reason why your kidneys shrink.

How to enlarge your atrophic kidneys?

To enlarge your atrophic kidneys, the right way is to refresh the scarred tissues and cells. Here are some ways which can fulfill this goal.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine uses various herbs to boost the renal artery, which can help supply the scarred tissues with more blood and oxygen. In this way, the atrophic kidneys may refresh and enlarge.

Micro-Chinese Medicine

Micro-Chinese Medicine is a modern therapy based on Chinese Herbal Medicine. With the help of advanced osmosis devices, the herbal ingredients can permeant into kidney tissues directly and take effects in a short time. It helps many patients to enlarge the atrophic kidney. Here is a case whose kidneys enlarge to 8.6cm from 7cm with help of Micro-Chinese Medicine for your information.

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