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6 Tips to Nourish Damaged Kidneys

Six Tips to Nourish Damaged KidneysLet us introduce some practical things that are more helpful than nourishing medicines. Today, we are here to firstly talk about six tips to help nourish impaired kidneys. Even though they have no detailed theory, they are really helpful.

1. Go to sleep before 11 pm or even at 9 pm

Sleeping is one important thing in our life. It is easy for night owls both women and men to get kidney and liver damage. Just look at yourself in the mirror, so you can find lime-soil color in your face. If you don't change your sleeping schedule, just wait to die.

2. Pay attention to your diet plan

Don't eat too cold foods especially in summer. This is because sweating is one important way to help kidneys to excrete more waste products and toxins, whole cold foods can prevent sweating. For kidney disease patient, they should also limit their protein and sodium intake.

3. Take a foot bath before sleeping

As the saying goes, " skin surrounds water in the morning, but water surrounds skin in the evening, so people can live to 100 years old." This just tells us the importance of foot bath for our health.

4. Eat light foods in the morning

Remember to drink one glass of water and avoid to eat greasy foods, when you get up in the morning. This is good for your overall health condition as well as kidney condition.

5. Keep your energy

Overwork or strenuous exercise is one factor that can trigger or worsen kidney disease, hematuria, back pain, urinary tract infections, and so on, so it is healthy to preserve your energy.

6. Have inverted walk every day

Having inverted walk for 20 minutes every day, so you can find a great difference about your health condition.

Many other natural remedies can also help improve kidney condition and boost glomerular filtration rate. To know more about them, just leave your email in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.

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