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What Is Creatinine?

What Is Creatinine?What is creatinine?There are many patients consult our online doctor what is creatinine and how to reduce creatinine level. Most patients are scared when they heard their creatinine level is higher than normal range. So let us give you more information of creatinine and the treatments of reduce creatinine level. If you have other questions about kidney disease, you can consult our online doctors, leave your question and contact way below, send us an email or call us. Our email address is and our phone number is +8615512139310. We will try our best to give the best advice.

Creatinine is the product of muscle metabolism in the human body. Every 20g muscle can metabolise 1mg creatinine. We know much creatinine is the not good for our bodies, then how could it be removed from our body? The answer is kidneys. Creatinine can be removed from our bodies with urine. Everyone must know that urine is producted by glomerular filtrate. Creatinine is the small molecule substance, it can be filtrated by glomerular and rarely absorbed in the renal tubules. So almost all creatinine can be removed with urine everyday which does not be influencedby the urine volume. Now, many patients must ask that why my creatinine level higher than normal range? That is because your kidneys have some problems so that the creatinine cannot be removed out and remain in the blood to cause creatinine level increased. Only when the GFR lower than normal range about 1/3 the creatinine level would increase. What conditions would high creatinine level lead to? High creatinine level will cause electrolyte disturbance include sodium, potassium etc. It also can lead to renal osteodystrophy and metabolic acidosis and other many kinds of diseases.

There are many patients also want to know the diet for high creatinine level patients. Patients should have a low salt, high vitamin diet and limit protein intake. Patients should choose the high quality protein to eat. If you want the food list and the treatments to reduce creatinine level, you can consult our online doctors or leave your illness and contact way below, our doctors will contact you later.

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