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Will Sulfa Allergy Cause Kidney Damage

Will Sulfa Allergy Cause Kidney DamageSulfa medicines are synthetic antibacterial drugs, and they are called sulfonamides. Until now, this type of medicine has been used in clinic for about 50 years, but some patients are allergic to this medicine. Well then, will sulfa allergy cause kidney damage?

The clinical application of sulfa

In clinic, this type of medicine is mainly used in the following aspects: 1. epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis 2. Urinary tract infections 3. Respiratory tract and pharyngeal infection 4. Intestinal tract infections 5. Local infections.

Can sulfa cause kidney damage?

If people have one of the above problems, they must want to take this medicine to manage their infections. However, just like many other western medicines, sulfa medicines will cause some side effects easily. They are:

- Allergic reactions: Skin rash and medical fever are common allergic reactions of this medicine, and they usually happen after about 5~9 days especially in children.

- Kidney damage: When urine presents sour, sulfa will form crystal easily in renal tubules, inducing hematuria, painful urination, urination blockage, and so on.

- Effect on hemopoietic system: Sulfa can inhibit the formation of myeloplast.

- The central nervous system and gastrointestinal reaction

From the above analysis, we can know sulfa does cause kidney damage, if used incorrectly.

How to prevent kidney damage for patients who are taking sulfa?

Generally, three methods can help prevent kidney damage for these patients.

1. Add bicarbonate and citric acid salt into the medicines, so as to alkalize the urine and increase the solubility of excretion.

2. Drink a large amount of water that can increase urine output.

3. The elder patients or people who have kidney problem should avoid this medicine.

If sulfa medicine has caused kidney damage, patients should take some prompt methods to improve their kidney function level and boost their medical condition. If you need any help, you can leave a message below.

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