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Is CKD Stage 4 Reversible to Stage 3

Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into 5 stages. Stage 3 is a key phrase. Once the condition cannot be controlled well, it will develop into stage 4 which is an advanced stage. As stage 3 means a moderate kidney damage, patients can live a higher quality life while stage 4 patients may live a poorer life. And in stage 4, patients may need dialysis or kidney transplant to sustain their life.

Thereby, many patients are suggested to stop or delay the progression of CKD stage 3. However, if you happen to be a person with CKD stage3, is there a chance for you to go back to CKD stage 3? Luckily, the answer is yes. And the earlier the stage 4 is, the more the chance is.

Knowing the difference between stage 3 and stage 4 helps to find the solution for patients. The stages are divided, according to kidney functions and symptoms. GFR is a lab value to kidney function.

If your GFR is among 30~59, you are diagnosed with CKD stage 3. And you may feel elevated blood pressure, renal anemia and maybe mild heart problem. If your GFR ranges from 15~29, you are in CKD stage4. In this stage, your symptoms will worsen quickly and some other symptoms may be effected, which may affect your normal life. For example, your sexual interest may be lowered down.

How to reverse CKD stage 4 to stage 3?

Even though there are many differences in symptoms, complications between the two stages, the root difference is the kidney function. Or in clinic, it shows different GFR levels.

Thereby, as long as the kidney function is elevated, the symptoms and complications will be reversed spontaneously. And patients will get the chance to reverse from CKD stage 4 to stage3.

How to get the treatment which can help improve kidney function. Chinese herbalists find the solution from Chinese Herbal Medicine. After more than 25 years research and application, a new form of traditional Chinese medicine named Micro-Chinese Medicine is established. It helps repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, which offers a chance for CKD stage4 reversing to stage3.

However, if you are in a severe condition, only Micro-Chinese Medicine is not enough to achieve this goal. Other treatments may be involved. In addition, lifestyle changes will also help maintain a better kidney management.

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