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Four Misunderstandings about Kidney Disease and Uremia Treatment

Four Misunderstandings about Kidney Disease and Uremia TreatmentActually, kidney disease or uremia isn't fatal illness. Just because patients take wrong treatment plan, their illness condition is delayed and relapses again and again. Finally, it will threaten patients' life. Today, we will introduce four misunderstandings about kidney disease or uremia treatment.

Misunderstanding 1: Steroid can cure kidney disease

In the onset of kidney disease, many patients feel tired and have heavy legs. When they get up in the morning, they find facial swelling. After doing test in the hospital, they are found to have proteinuria and hematuria. Then, they are diagnosed with kidney disease.

The conventional kidney disease treatments include oral taking steroid, cyclophosphamide, and thunder god vine. These medications should be used to control proteinuria and hematuria. In the beginning, the therapeutic effects are obvious, and their proteinuria and hematuria are controlled. However, cold and tiredness are more likely to trigger the recurrence of these problems. Then, patients have to take steroids again.

Why steroids can't cure kidney disease? The reason is simple. Although these medicines can help ease patients' symptoms, they are unable to deal with damaged kidney cells and kidney filtering structure.

Misunderstanding 2: Decline of creatinine and urea indicates the remission of kidney disease

Traditional treatments think as long as serum creatinine and urea levels come down, kidney disease is controlled well. Therefore, doctors give patients various medicines to reduce their creatinine and urea levels, but they ignore to repair patients' impaired kidneys. If these medicines have renal toxicity, their kidney disease may worsen quickly instead of remitting.

Misunderstanding 3: It is impossible to get rid of dialysis

As thought by western medicine, it is impossible to avoid dialysis if uremia patients have begun to accept dialysis. In fact, this is wrong. If patients take some treatments to improve their kidney function timely, they can still get rid of dialysis and there are many patients who have stopped dialysis successfully in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Misunderstanding 4: Kidney transplant is the best treatment option

Kidney transplant is one treatment option for uremia patients, but it doesn't mean this is best treatment for all patients with end stage kidney failure. If patients have some contraindications or their kidney disease is in active period, they can't accept this surgery.

These are some information about kidney disease and uremia treatments. To learn more about them, you can contact us directly.

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