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Atrophic Kidney Causes, Symptoms, Test and Treatment

Atrophic kidney, also know as kidney atrophy or kidney shrinkage, refers to a Kidney Disease Condition in which he loss of nephrons causes a smaller sized kidney. Read on and find its cause, symptoms, test and treatment.


Many causes should be responsible for atrophic kidney. If you happen to be a person with atrophic kidney, you may experience one or more of the following causes:

- Renal Ischemia. it occurs due when there is less circulation of blood to the kidneys.

- Damage to the renal parenchyma as a result of obstruction in the urinary system

- Blockage of renal artery as a result of blood clot

- Compression of blood vessels as a result of renal cyst

- Long standing kidney infections such as pyelonephritis, polycystic kidney, and other chronic renal diseases that can affect the nephrons.

- Reflux nephropathy


Usually, the symptoms of an atrophic kidney are similar to the urinary tract infection. Symptoms include blood in he urine, painful urination and frequent urination. These symptoms are the some that you may experience.

Kidney pain can also be associated with atrophic kidney. Obstructive uropathy is the interference of the urine flow will lead to the pressure of the back, which can lead to the damage of the nephrons.

The damage will cause the chronic loss of the kidney’s function and will lead to the shrinkage of the kidney.


For chalking out the treatment plan, doctors first need to determine the underlying cause of this condition. Sonography and intravenous urography might not always help in the diagnosis, however, imaging procedures such as CT scan and MRI can surely help in the diagnosis of renal atrophy.


Treatment for Atrophic Kidney should aim at finding the root cause firstly and then doctor can make the personalized treatment plan. And also the treatments differ from condition to condition.

If the condition is a urinary tract infection case or an acute pyelonephritis, medications can help to relieve the condition. However, if you are experiencing renal failure, dialysis or Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is needed.

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