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What Does Low GFR Level Mean

What Does Low GFR Level MeanGlomerular filtration rate (GFR) is one reliable way to monitor kidney function and determine the stages of kidney disease. In clinic, the lower GFR levels, the more severe patients’ kidney condition. Now, follow me to find out what on earth low GFR levels mean.

Glomeruli are tiny kidney filters that filter waste and toxins from the blood, while glomerular filtration rate estimates how much blood passes through these tiny kidney filters every minute. To calculate GFR level, we need to know patients’ age, serum creatinine (Scr) level, gender and race.

If you haven’t got your GFR level, you can email the values of these aspects to, so we can help you monitor your GFR level. Or you can calculate it through this formula.

GFR = 175 * (Scr) - 1.154* (Age) - 0.203 * (0.742 if female) * (1.121 if African American)

After you get your GFR level, you can check which stage kidney disease you are in.

GFR above 90 indicates stage 1 kidney disease;

GFR 60~89 indicates stage 2 kidney disease;

GFR 30~59 indicates stage 3 kidney disease;

GFR 15~29 indicates stage 4 kidney disease;

GFR less than 14 indicates stage 5 kidney disease.

If your kidney problem is still in early stage, it can still be reversed completely. If it is in moderate stage, we can repair damaged but necrotic kidney cells and reverse patients’ kidney damage. However, if it has aggravated into end stage, what we can do is to protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues, repair damaged kidney cells and improve patients’ overall health condition. The key to reversing your kidney disease is to accept effective treatment timely.

Are you experiencing decline of glomerular filtration rate? If yes, you can seek help from the doctor online, so they can help to preserve your kidney function timely.

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