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Medical Conditions of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

Chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages with different medical conditions. What are the medical conditions of Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3? I am glad to share the information with anyone who needs it.

People with CKD stage3 suffer from a moderate kidney damage in which patient’s eGFR is approximately 30-60%: eGFR 45-59 (3A) or 30-44 (3B). Rememember that eGFR is an estimate (more info on eGFR) and may require a correction for (black) race.

In this stage, people are more likely to get some complications, such as Renal Anemia, high blood pressure, bone disorder etc. Risk of cardiovascular events and death is substantially increased by the presence of CKD stage3. The risk of cardiovascular death is (on average) much higher than the risk of needing dialysis or a renal transplant.

The medical conditions of CKD stage3 may differ from person to person. However, there are some common experience for people with such a stage kidney disease.

Urination changes: Urine may be foamy if there is protein in it, or dark orange, brown, tea colored or red if it contains blood. A person may urinate more or less, or get up at night to go to the bathroom.

Swelling: in CKD stage3, kidneys cannot function well to control how much water stays in the body. Over time, patients may experience swellings appearing in their face, legs, ankles etc.

Sickness: sickness is also a common experience in the medical conditions of CKD stage3. Feeling tired or fatigue may make the patients uneasy to do much work.

Poor Sleep: poor sleep refers to CKD patients are not easy to fall asleep or they are easy to wake up, after a short rest.

In Stage 3 of CKD, patient are suggested to take treatment as soon as possible, because it is a turning point for most cases. If you can control well, your kidney function may be reversed. If not, stage3 may develop into stage 4 or 5 not very soon.

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