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Renal Duplication:Symptoms, Complications, Treatment, Test

Renal Duplication, also known as duplex kidneys, refers to a condition in which Each kidney draining via its own tube (the ureter) into the bladder, or it may be that only the kidneys are duplicated and each 'double' kidney drains into a single ureter.


duplex kidneys are sometimes associated with other problems or symptoms as follows.

Urine should flow from the kidneys, down the ureters to the bladder but in some children there is an abnormal backflow of urine from the bladder up the ureter towards the kidney, a condition known as vesicoureteric reflux, which is sometimes associated with Renal Duplication.

Compared with other people, people with Renal Duplication are more likely to develop repeated infections, such as urinary tract infections.

Back Pain is also a common symptoms of Renal Duplication. You may feel pain in back, side effects or flank, if you have the problem of Renal Duplication.


Renal Duplication is always accompanied with some complications, such as Kidney Stone, Tuberculosis, Tumor, Hydronephrosis and Nephropyelitis. In such a case, chronic kidney damages are caused easily, so medical treatment should be given as earlier as possible to prevent terrible conditions.


If Renal Duplication is the only abnormality affecting a child's urinary tract, and no other disease is present, then it is likely that no treatment will be necessary because duplex kidneys can function quite normally.


To make a diagnosis and further analysis of your Kidney Disease Condition, the following tests may be necessary.

- CT Scan: Apart from showing a clear image about Renal Duplication, CT scan also help to confirm the ectopic open of ureter.

- The MCUG test you refer to is a micturating cystourethrogram. This investigation involves putting a tube or catheter into the bladder and through this filling the bladder with a liquid that will show up on X-ray pictures.

- B Ultrasound: It shows great effects in imaging well-behaved Renal Duplication, but not so good in case of Renal Duplication with two ureters and hydronephrosis.

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