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Enlarged Kidney: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

Enlarged Kidney: Cause, Symptoms, TreatmentEnlarge kidney refers to the kidney size is larger than the normal standard. Some common diseases may cause this condition. And the treatment should involve both the enlarge kidney itself and its underlying cause.


There are a number of reasons for enlarged kidneys, from polycystic kidney disease to infections, alcoholism and cancer. Enlarged kidneys may be discovered when doctors treat symptoms or as part of a prostrate or pelvic exam.

Enlarged kidneys may be congenital, but this condition is rare. Other causes may be cysts, PKD, tumors, urine reflux,hydronephrosis due to kidney stones, etc.

Usually enlargement of the kidney may appear due to hydronephrosis, a condition where the urine that is normally produced in the healthy kidney tissue can't pass through the ureters due to kidney stones, tumor ingrowth, pressure of cysts, malrotation of the kidneys, etc.


There are some common symptoms of enlarged kidney and if you are suffering from more than 2 symptoms mentioned, please pay attention.

Back Pain. As kidneys enlarge, they start to put pressure on the abdominal cavity and the back. Due to this, the patients may feel pain in abdomen, sides or back.

Urination Changes. When the kidneys cannot handle increased amounts of fluid intake or fluid retention caused by caffeine and alcohol, they can become enlarged and the patient either urinates more often than usual or feels the need to urinate more often.

Kidney Stones. Kidney stones can be both cause and symptoms for enlarged kidneys. It increases the risk to develop kidney infection which may show up along with back pain, flank pain etc.


Treatment for enlarged kidneys usually aims at the symptoms and the root cause. If you happen to be a person with enlarged kidney, you may need one or more of the following treatments.

Chinese Herbal Medicine. It uses natural herbs, plants or some animal part to nourish the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. Chinese medicine views the Kidney Disease as a whole-body related conditions. Thereby, patients usually feel the additional alleviation, such as good sleep, lowering blood pressure etc, along with the kidney function improvement.

Surgery. For the cause of PKD, Kidney Cyst or Kidney Stone, surgery may help remove parts of them.

Dialysis. If enlarged kidneys have already developed into Kidney Failure, or ESRD (end stage kidney disease), dialysis may be suggested to remove the waste products in the blood.

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