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What Causes Kidney Scarring

What Causes Kidney ScarringKidney scarring is one pathological change of kidneys in which kidney functioning tissues lose their filtering ability. The more kidney filters are involved in kidney scarring, the more severe patients’ illness condition. In view of this, patients should find out what causes kidney scarring and then take prompt treatments.

Now, many disorders can cause damage to kidneys. If uncontrolled effectively, impaired kidney cells will become scarred gradually. Once kidney scarring appears, it is unable to reverse it any more. Generally, the following conditions can induce kidney scarring.

1. Diabetes

Diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, can cause kidney scarring. Normally, kidneys filter 90~120 ml/1.73 m2 of blood every minute to remove extra fluid and waste products and keep nutritions in the body. Diabetes can this filtering system, because elevated level of blood sugar makes kidneys filter too much blood every minute. The overwork makes kidneys become damaged or even necrotic gradually. Finally, kidney scarring occurs.

2. High blood pressure

Hypertension can increase pressure against blood vessels that leads protein into urine. In turn, protein leakage can damage kidney filtering system. This forms one vicious cycle, and kidney function declines.

3. Autoimmune disorder

When people’s immune system becomes abnormal, they will be unable to remove immune complexes normally. Then, these substances may build up in the kidneys, resulting in inflammatory reactions and renal ischemia and anoxia condition. If left untreated, more and more kidney filters will become scarred. Lupus Nephritis, HSPN, FSGS, IgA Nephropathy, and so on, just result from this condition.

Additionally, infection, drug toxicity, and some other reasons all can lead to kidney scarring. Only if the underlying cause is detected, can doctors make a correct treatment plan for their patients. If you are suffering from kidney scarring, email your test report or illness description to Therefore, kidney experts here can help you timely.

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