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How Fast Can Kidney Disease Kill You

How Fast Can Kidney Disease Kill YouThe progress rate and characteristics classify kidney disease into two types: chronic kidney disease and acute kidney disease. With the aggravation of patients’ illness condition, they may be faced by various problems and discomforts. Then, they must ask “how fast can kidney disease kill me”.

Acute kidney disease

As soon as acute kidney disease occurs, patients usually have some typical symptoms such as the decline of urine output or even stopping urination, hematuria, foamy urine, high blood pressure and swelling. If treated timely and effectively, acute kidney disease can get recovery and it won’t affect patients’ life. On the contrary, uncontrolled acute kidney disease can lead to acute kidney failure, lung edema, heart failure or hypertensive brain disease. All of these problems may kill patients quickly.

In one word, the time and correctness of treatment determines how fast kidney disease kills you.

Chronic kidney disease

Most often, kidney patients are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD). In this case, the remaining kidney function level, management of kidney disease complications, lifestyle, diet plan, etc, all can affect patients’ life span. If you want to slow down your kidney disease killing you, you can take action from the following aspects.

1. Keep your kidney condition from worsening: Many complications such as high blood pressure and proteinuria can speed up the progression of CKD, so you should treat them timely once they occur.

2. Protect remaining kidney cells: With the development of modern medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Clear Blood Pollution Therapy and Hot Compress Therapy comes out one by one. They can save patients’ life effectively.

3. Develop a healthy diet plan and lifestyle: No matter how well your current health condition, remember that your eating plan and lifestyle should always modify based on the changes of your illness condition.

I believe the above content has introduced clearly the answer to the question “how fast can kidney disease kill you”. If you want to learn more about any aspect of this article, you can contact us directly.

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