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Can Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease Be Reversed

Can Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease Be ReversedCan stage 2 chronic kidney disease (CKD) be reversed? Stage 2 kidney disease is the early stage of kidney disease, and patients still have high kidney function level. In this case, patients usually don’t have any obvious symptom or problem. Therefore, I can determinately tell you that Stage 2 CKD is reversal.

Get an overall understanding of Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease

Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) classifies chronic kidney disease into five stages. In stage 2, kidneys are functioning at 60%~89%, and they can still work relatively perfect. Just because kidneys can work normally, patients usually can’t recognize they have kidney disease. Only in some cases, patients find it when they test for other diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Why Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease can be reversed?

Chronic kidney disease is one generic term that describes the decline of kidney function. During the progress of kidney disease, more and more kidney functioning cells get damaged or even necrotic. Fortunately, in stage 2 kidney disease, only a small part of kidney inherent cells are damaged not necrotic. Therefore, we use effective treatments to repair these cells through nourishing them and increasing their self-curative ability.

Treatments to help reverse kidney damage

Kidney functioning cells fail to work usually due to less blood flowing into kidneys, lack of nutritions and oxygen. Therefore, effective treatments should be able to solve this ischemia and anoxia state. Here, we would like to recommend Blood Pollution Therapy.

The first two step of this therapy is to help kidneys cleanse blood and add some essential elements into blood, so that kidneys’ working burden can be reduced and kidney cells can get enough nutritions and oxygen from blood flow. The third step is to rebuild kidney structure. As long as damaged kidney cells get recovery, it means stage 2 kidney disease is reversed successfully.

Besides, a healthy diet plan and lifestyle is also needed to boost the whole treatment plan. If you want to know more about the above therapy or get a diet plan, you can contact us directly.

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