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Is Enlarged Kidney Dangerous

Is Enlarged Kidney DangerousUnder certain circumstances, kidneys will become enlarged. However, is enlarged kidney dangerous? Read on to get detailed answer.

An enlarged kidney refers to a condition in which the kidney is larger than the normal size(10-12cm long, 5-6cm wide). Honestly speaking, this illness condition can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as polycystic kidney disease, kidney cyst, kidney stones and hydronephrosis.

Kidneys are vital to human health. And most people are born with two kidneys. However, people with one kidney can still live as normal. In addition to purfifying bloodstream, they can also help regulate blood pressure, secrete EPO, produce urine and so on.

Unluckily, the enlarge kidney will not be able to do the above jobs properly. If it is caused by PKD, patients are more likely to experience high blood pressure, back pain, headache, bloody urine and so on; If it is related to kidney stones, frequent urination, nausea, fever, pain in the back or abdomen will occur; If it is due to hydronephrosis, there can be abdominal mass.

Relatively speaking, enlarged kidney refers to a dangerous condition. If not treated in time, this disease will deteriorate gradually. In serious condition, it will progress into kidney failure.

If you are suffering from enlarged kidney, it is essential to pinpoint the underlying cause, in such a way, a treatment plan can be made. In clinic, the following treatments are available.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy This remedy is an innovation of traditional Chinese medicine and it is applied externally. By improving blood circulation, alleviating hypoxia-ischemia state of kidneys, fighting against inflammatory reaction, anti-coagulation as well as supplying nutrients for the enlarged kidney, kidney function can be increased eventually.

Surgical operation In some cases, surgery is also necessary to help remove the cysts or kidney stones.

If there is anything unclear, remember that we are always here to help. Email us or leave us a message below. Good luck!

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