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What Does GFR 40 and Creatinine 2.5 Mean in Kidney Disease

What Does GFR 40 and Creatinine 2.5 Mean in Kidney DiseaseWhat does GFR 40 and creatinine 2.5 mean in kidney disease? If your medical report happen to show this, you are in the right direction to learn more about the signs.

To be fair, the two bean-shaped organs are endowed with many functions, for instance, secrete hormones to regulate blood pressure and red blood cells, purify blood, produce urine and so on. However, when kidneys are injured, kidneys will not be able to function well.

What does GFR 40 and creatinine 2.5 mean in kidney disease?

For people with kidney disease, they are no strangers to glomerular filtration rate and creatinine. However, few of them have known the meaning of GFR 40 and creatinine 2.5. Simply speaking, this suggests patients in stage 3 kidney disease. At this condition, the kidneys are damaged moderately. If left uncontrolled, it will progress into kidney failure quickly. In that case, sufferers have to resort to dialysis or kidney transplant to extend the survival periods.

In the meantime, this is the critical stage to reverse kidney damage. By taking effective measures, stage 4 kidney disease can be prevented or even stopped.

What are the effective treatments?

◆ Make lifestyle changes. Take regular exercises; Quit smoking and drinking; Avoid nephrotoxic drugs; Get personalized dietary tips from your dietitian or Email to

◆ Systematic treatments to make kidneys work normal. At our Kidney Service China, a remedy named Clear Blood Pollution Therapy is strongly recommended. It is specialized in removing toxins and harmful substances out of the blood. And this therapy is categorized into three aspects: combined therapy of blood purification; supplementations of different kinds of deficient elements; functioning rebuilding. Over time, there is great chance to increase kidney function. As a result, GFR 40 and creatinine 2.5 can be managed well. Besides, other treatments including Medicated Bath, Chinese Herbal Medicine, etc are also beneficial.

After the above analysis, we believe you have learned a lot about the meaning of GFR 40 and creatinine 2.5. For detailed information, you are always welcomed to leave us message below. Good luck!

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