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Kidney Disease Stage 3 Life Expectancy

Q: I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease Stage 3 last month and my kidney function is left with 52%. I am 42 years old. I am very worried. Can Anybody tell me the life expectancy of kidney disease stage 3?

A: thank you for your inquiry. Generally speaking, kidney disease stage 3 is a moderate kidney damage. If you have no severe complications and symptoms, it is very possible for you to live to an old age. A good hospice service can help make the lifespan longer and the life easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

I suggest you should regard the treatment option as the most important aid. As long as the treatment can help keep your kidney function in a stable level, you may live a full life just like the normal person.

Actually, I have to say, all I said is just possibility for you, because there are too many factors involved in. It is hard to estimate even a general lifespan for you. But if you can offer more details of your medical condition, more specific answer can be offered. Please send your details to, if you need further information.

The following is some CKD stage 3 patients’ story of their life expectancy and I’d like to share with you.

“I believe the progression of the disease depends on many factors. Personally, I was in Stage 3 for about 14 years until last year when I progressed to Stage 4. Again like I said this was my personal journey and does not apply to everyone.” --antoniolyon

“I have a GFR of close to that amount (54) and am 37. I've been told that I can live to old age if the number doesn't go down and that diet will play a huge role in whether or not that number goes down or stays the same.”-- zisisge

“It just take 3 years for me from CKD stage 3 to Stage 5. Why? I felt very scared. You know CKD stage 5 will no give to much time to live. I have no better choice but Kidney Transplant.”--Kristian121

What’s your life expectancy with Kidney Disease stage3, share your story with us and leave your message below. If you are chronic kidney disease, you are not alone. Talk with us and let’s end the kidney disease together!

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