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Kidney Shut Down: Does It Cause Death

Kidney Shut Down: Does It Cause DeathKidney shut down means kidneys fail their ability to play their function. So far, chronic kidney disease is still one big problem in medicine. Once kidney shut down, many patients think it means death sentence for them. Will it cause death? How long can patients live when their kidneys shut down?

Since it is quite difficult to answer these questions, we invite one doctor from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital give out the answer.

To explain their answer clearly, the doctor introduces the basic kidney functions.

Kidneys are remarkable excretory organs, and producing urine is the most basic kidney function. Additionally, kidneys also have the following functions:

- Eliminate extra fluid, waste products and toxins from the body

- Maintain fluid and electrolyte balance

- Regulate blood pressure

- Keep acid-base balance

- Prompt the formation of red blood cells through secreting EPO

- Promote the activation of vitamin D

When kidneys shut down, they are unable to do these work any more. Then, a series of symptoms and problems occur easily because of these physical changes. Some of them are even life-threatening. That is to say, they may cause death directly. In clinic, most kidney patients die of their complications rather than kidney failure itself.

What may cause death for kidney patients?

With the decline of kidney function, several condition may threaten patients’ life including:

- Cardiovascular disease: It is the most common death cause for kidney disease patients especially in end stage.

- Metabolic acidosis: With the deposits of acid substances such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, metabolic acidosis bursts.

- Hyperkalemia: When high potassium level is higher than 6.5 mmol/L, it may threaten patients’ life.

- Pulmonary edema: It is another serious complication of kidney shut down.

From the above analysis, we can know it does threaten patients’ life when kidney function level, or GFR level, declines gradually.

Here, the kidney doctor reminds all kidney patients: take effective treatment timely, as long as your kidneys shut down. If you still have any question or want to have a further talk with this doctor, you can send email to or

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