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How Does Renal Parenchyma Disease Cause Hypertension

How Does Renal Parenchyma Disease Cause HypertensionRenal parenchymal disease means patient’s renal parenchyma is damaged, which is in charge of the kidney work for our body. Kidney plays a key role in regulating our internal balance, so the damage in renal parenchyma can cause many health problems in patient’s body.

A severe health problem in patients with renal parenchymal disease is hypertension, because it can aggravate patient’s kidney damage obviously, which can lower patient’s kidney function further.

How does renal parenchymal disease disease cause hypertension?

As we have said, kidney is an important organ for regulating our internal balance, and an important function of kidney is secreting hormones, among which renin is very important for regulating our blood pressure.

In fact, when the blood flow in kidney is reduced, that will promote the secretion of renin, which can stimulate the secretion of angiotensins and aldosterones, and these substances have the function of improving patient’s blood pressure.

Besides, when patient’s kidney function is very low due to the damage in kidney, that may cause the retention of fluid and sodium in patient’s body, and too much fluid and sodium in blood vessels can also cause patient’s blood pressure to be high.

Why hypertension is dangerous for patients with kidney disease?

Hypertension is a common complication of kidney disease, and it is also a major cause of kidney disease, which is known as hypertensive nephropathy.

High blood pressure can damage patient’s blood vessels, and it can damage the blood vessels in patient’s glomeruli and kidney tubules. In fact, most patients with hypertension will have damage in his kidney, and it mainly cause patients to have glomerular sclerosis. Besides, patients with renal parenchymal disease usually have bad prognosis when they have hypertension.

Thereby, it is important for patients with renal parenchymal disease to control their blood pressure. In the end, if you have any health problem in dealing with kidney disease, you can email us your detailed condition and problem. Our email is, and we will do what we can to help you.

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