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Kidney Shrinkage: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment, Diet

Kidney Shrinkage refers to the kidney shrinks into a smaller than the normal size. Normal kidney is as large as 10~12cm. Many causes are responsible for kidney shrinkage. Proper treatment and diet plan help alleviate its symptoms and offer a good outcome.


Kidney shrinkage can result from two main causes. Congenital malformation and Chronic Kidney Disease.

- congenital malformation. Some of kidney shrinkage happens when the baby are born. The congenital malformation is related to the lifestyle and healthy condition of pregnant woman, and also it may affect be the affected genes. The people are more common to get kidney shrinkage than others.

- Kidney Disease. Generally speaking, kidney shrinkage results in kidney problems, especially chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease can damage nephrons and glomeruli necrosis will lead to kidney shrinkage gradually. The people who suffer from CKD stage 4, Kidney Failure, Diabetic Nephropathy and Hypertensive Nephropathy are at higher risk to get kidney shrinkage.


If you suffer from kidney shrinkage, you may appear to have the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, itchy skin, swelling, Back Pain, Hematuria, High Blood Pressure etc. In addition, patients may get repeated infections and colds.


Treatment for kidney shrinkage aims at repair the damaged kidney tissues, alleviate symptoms and improve kidney functions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is suggested for many specific herbs are tonic to kidneys. This therapy helps promote the blood circulation in the damaged kidney tissues, so as to supply more blood and oxygen to improve the self-cure. When the damaged glomeruli come to fresh and functioning, the kidney shrinkage will be alleviated spontaneously. Meantime, some herbs are specifically used to lower high blood pressure, alleviate back pain and treats renal anemia etc.


People with kidney shrinkage are suggested to follow a low-salt, low-fat and low-potassium diet. Try to reduce the intake of fast food, processed food and quick-frozen foods. Most of them are rich in salt and potassium. Take a moderate wine and never drink much of it. It can aggravate the high blood pressure and kidney function decline.

If you are interest in the herbs or diet for kidney shrinkage, you can leave a message to us. We are glad to send the herb list and food list for you.

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