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Renal Parenchymal Disease: Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

Renal Parenchymal Disease: Cause, Symptoms, TreatmentKidney tissues are divided into 2 underlying medical conditions and they are known as: renal vascular part and renal parenchymal part. And renal parenchymal disease refers to the damage that occurs in renal parenchyma. Here are its cause, symptoms and treatment for your information.

There are millions of nephrons exist in the renal parenchymal area of each kidney. Nephrons are consisted of glomeruli--small blood vessels and tubules, which filters the blood throughout the body. Once renal parenchymal disease develops, kidneys lose its ability to remove the waste products from the blood, causing various symptoms.


Many causes can trigger the damaged in renal parenchyma, including

- bacterial infections

- Lupus (Studies estimate that up to 50% of patients diagnosed with lupus erythematosus experience a renal parenchymal disease known as lupus nephritis.)

- kidney stones

- Diabetes

- high blood pressure

- autoimmune disorders (this is why Immunotherapy is applied into kidney disease)

- obstructions

If renal parenchymal disease cannot be treated early, it may develops into advanced stage, causing Kidney Failure eventually.


As the causes are different, symptoms of renal parenchymal disease may may from person to person.

- In diabetes, it may eventually causes renal parenchymal disease and even kidney failure. Increased blood sugar in the blood will add additional force to the wall of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure.

- The strain of continuously ridding the body of sugar diminishes filtering ability and eventually causes permanent damage. Protein spills into the urine instead of staying in the blood and sugar also enters the urine. Renalinsufficiency contributes to hypertension, but hypertension can also cause renal problems.

- In Lupus Nephritis, patients may suffer from foamy urine or dark urine and edema on face, eyes, legs and feet. And increased fluid retention may lead to the high blood pressure.

- In people with constant kidney stone, damage in renal cells and tissues can happen. In this conditions, bacterial infections may usually happens and cause struvite stones. Also edema, inflammation and high blood pressure are common in this conditions.


Treatment for renal parenchymal disease aims at the root cause. As the causes vary from condition to condition, patients are suggested to take complete tests and find the cause firstly. This is the key for your doctors to make right treatment. In addition, Diet, Exercise and Healthy Living contribute to the remission of Renal Parenchymal Disease.

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