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Why Do People With Chronic Kidney Disease Bruise Easily

Why Do People With Chronic Kidney Disease Bruise Easily  Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often can have many obvious changes in his body, and some patients with CKD may find they often bruise easily. Why patients with CKD bruise easily? What can be done to relieve this symptom?

The reasons that lead to patients bruise easily:

1.Steroid disorder:

For patients with CKD, they often have steroid disorder in their blood, which can cause them to have many cardiovascular problems. much steroid in blood can also make patient’s capillaries become fragile. Besides, much steroid in blood vessel can also make patient’s have decreased platelets, which have the function of cruor. Thereby, steroid disorder may be a cause that makes patient bruise easily.


Anemia is another factor that can make patient to bruise easily. Kidney has the function of excreting hormones, among which hemopoietin plays an important role in the producing of red cells, and that is also the cause of anemia. Anemia can reduce the production of platelet, which makes it harder for wound healing.


Patients with kidney disease often have hypertension. While hypertension is a dangerous complication, it will increase blood’s impact force to blood vessel, and that often damages patient’s blood vessel. While damaged vessel may also be a reason of bruising.


Patient with CKD will need to take a lot of medicines, such as medicines that are used to treat cardiovascular diseases. But some medicines have the function of anticoagulation, which will cause patient to have increase the ratio for patient to bruise.

These above are some common reasons that can make patients with CKD bruise easily. In the end,if you have any other problems in dealing with CKD, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.

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