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Life Expectancy of Chronic Kidney Disease

"My mother is a Chronic Kidney Disease patient after CVA attack in 2007 and she is diabetic too for 15 years. Her creatinine level is 5.6, blood pressure is 80/130mmHg and hemoglobin is 6.5. Can you tell me the expected life expectancy of Chronic Kidney Disease?"

Answer: "Thank you for your inquiry firstly. The life expectancy of chronic kidney disease varies from condition to condition. All the information you offered about your mother are also involved in the estimation of your mother’s life expectancy. I’d like to make a rough analysis on her current conditions.

Her blood pressure is not bad. Usually Kidney Disease will lead to high blood pressure years later and your mum’s medical history is about 5 years, but her blood pressure is close to the target level--80/120mmHg. Try your best to help her to achieve this goal. This will help prolong her life expectancy of CKD. High blood pressure becomes the leading cause to Kidney Failure already.

Her creatinine levels are bad. Creatinine levels are the sign of kidney functions. In normal conditions, kidneys should remove the creatinine out of the blood. Creatinines are the byproducts of muscular metabolism and its build up will cause serious complications, such as liver disease, heart problems etc. All these complications will threaten your mum’s life expectancy, when they become fatal.

I saw your mum’s hemoglobin is very low just at 6.5. This is not good for her life quality and expectancy. Whether your mum are on dialysis? Does she plan to take transplant? If so, she must increase her hemoglobin before transplantation.

Compared with these information you offered, the Creatinine clearance and GFR is more accurate to estimate her life expectancy. So I cannot offer a detailed answer without updated labs report of your mother. I hope you can offer more details on her conditions to me, so I may help more. CONTACT EMAIL:

All in all, the life expectancy is based on one’s personal conditions, but it is always right to control the diabetes, blood pressure, High Creatinine Levels, as well as to receive medical care. These measures will help prolong your mum’s life expectancy.

I hope this has helped you and your mum, please ask further if you have follow up questions!"

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