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How Does Overactive Immune System Affect Kidney

How Does Overactive Immune System Affect KidneyKidney disease can be caused by many reasons, among which patient’s overactive immune system is a common reason, like IgA nephropathy, purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis, etc. Besides, the occurrence of kidney disease has close relation with our immunity. Thereby, how on earth does overactive immune system cause kidney disease?

Why patient have kidney disease?

To know how overactive immune system affects kidney, it is necessary to know why patient has kidney disease.

Kidney disease is the condition that a series of inflammatory reactions are caused in kidney by the invasion of foreign bodies, such as virus, bacteria, toxin, or metabolic waste. While these substances will cause patient to have inflammatory reaction, and when our body immunity can not control these reactions, kidney disease will be caused.

How does overactive immune system affect kidney disease?

As we know, kidney disease is related to foreign body in kidney and our body immunity.

In fact, The inflammatory reactions caused by foreign body have close relation with patient’s immune system. Our immunity will produce lots of inflammatory factor to remove the foreign bodies from kidney, but for people whose immunity is overactive, their body will produce inflammatory factor consistently, so there will always be lots of inflammatory factor in the focus, which will cause the focus’s enlargement.

On the other hand, some kidney diseases are directly caused by patient’s immune system, like IgA nephropathy, purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis, etc. These diseases are due to our body’s immune disorder, which means our antibody will attack our body, and then immune complexes form. When the immune complexes are transported to kidney, they may accumulate there, which can cause kidney disease.

Thereby, kidney disease has close relation with overactive immune system, thereby, it is very important to treat patient’s disease by taking measures from his immunity, such as Immunotherapy, which is a very effective way to treat kidney disease.

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