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Why Has Not My Kidney Disease Been Diagnosed Earlier

Why has not my kidney disease been diagnosed earlier? many patients with kidney disease may have this doubt.

In fact, kidney disease is a kind of disease that is not easy to be detected, and patient often finds he has kidney disease when he is already in the late stage.

Why is kidney disease hard to be detected?

Kidney has strong compensation. If any part of kidney is damaged, other parWhy Has Not My Kidney Disease Been Diagnosed Earlierts will take over this part’s work to keep our body health. There will not be any problem caused by kidney disease if only half kidney function is normal. It is also to say just one kidney will be able to complete the kidney work. And kidney disease is not easy to be detected even patient has lab tests like urine test, blood test.

What’s more, obvious systems caused by kidney failure will not appear until about three fourths kidney function is damaged, so it is hard for patient to realize he has kidney disease.

How to find kidney disease more exactly?

Kidney disease will not cause many problems on our body if kidney damage is not very severe, so it may even not cause obvious signs in lab tests.

To detect kidney disease, patient need to take tests that are more exact, such as ultrasound, CT, etc. Besides, if patient suspect he real has kidney disease, he can take bishop to make sure his condition. It is worth mentioning that this method is painful, because kidney tissue needs to be taken out from kidney.

How to treat kidney disease?

Kidney disease is hard to treat. In fact, there is no cure for chronic kidney disease so far. But patients need not to worry, many chronic kidney diseases are able to be controlled in the early stage, and severe disease can also be slowed down effectively if right treatment and good care are taken.

In fact, western medicine is good at controlling complications, but it is not good at improving kidney function. While traditional Chinese medicine is good at treating disease systemically, which can improve kidney function, but its shortage is it needs a long time to have effect. Thereby, the treatment that combines western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is very useful in treating kidney disease.

In the end, if you have any problem in dealing with kidney disease, you are welcome to contact us, and we are glad to help you.

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