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What Is Stage 4 Kidney Disease

What Is Stage 4 Kidney DiseaseKidney disease is divided into five stages according to patient’s glomerular filtration rate. For patients with stage 4 kidney disease, their GFR is about 15~30ml/min.

How is stage 4 kidney disease defined?

In fact, the normal GFR is about 125ml/min, and if people have a level of more than 90ml/min, it is still in the healthy range. Thereby, patents with stage 4 kidney disease already have a severe condition.

GFR is a reflection of patient’s nephron condition. As patient’s condition aggravates, more and more nephrons will be damaged, so the GFR will decline gradually. When patient’s GFR drops to 15~30ml/min, it means they are in stage 4 kidney disease.

What symptoms will stage 4 kidney disease patients have?

Stage 4 kidney disease means patients already have severe kidney damage, and kidney’s work is to remove the excess water and wastes out of our body, so many disorders will appear in patient’s body.

A common symptom in patent with stage 4 kidney disease is anemia, which can make patients always feel fatigue. Patients can also have many changes in their urine. They may find they have colored urine, frequent urine at night, foams in their urine, etc. Patients can also have many symptoms in their gastrointestinal system, like stomach pain, nauseas and vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. Many symptoms may appear in patient’s skin system, and they may have itching, rash, etc. In addition, patient may have symptoms in many other systems, like their bone and muscle system, nerve system, etc.

How is the prognosis of stage 4 kidney disease?

The GFR of patient with stage 4 kidney disease is low, which means most nephrons are damaged, but the damaged nephrons are able to be repaired to a large extent, if only they have not been necrotic, or been damaged too severely.

Thereby, if patient is just in stage 4 for a short time, their condition is very likely to be improved back to stage 3. But if patient has been in stage 4 for a long time, which means most of their nephrons may have already been severely damaged, it is difficult for them to improve their condition.

In the end, if you are 0facing with any problem about stage 4 kidney disease, you are welcome to contact us, and we are wiling to help you.

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