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How Does Kidney Disease Affect Immune System

How Does Kidney Disease Affect Immune SystemMore than ninety-five percent of kidney disease is caused by immune disorder, while kidney disease can also affect immune system in turn. Thereby, how does kidney disease affect immune system?

Direct reasons related to kidney disease:

As we know, patients’ kidney structure is often damaged by their disease, which often cause patients to have protein in their urine. While protein is an important substance to our immunity, because some important immune substances like enzyme, antibody, etc, mainly consist of protein. While patients’ proteinuria can cause patients to lose large amount of protein, which is also bad for patients’ immune system.

Besides, damaged kidney can cause lots of toxins and wastes’ accumulation in blood, while these substances will be transplanted to everywhere of our body. Many of them are harmful to the organs and tissues of our body, and they can cause damage to our immunity. For example, marrow is a major organ of our immune system, while some toxins can inhibit its function of producing cells.

Other causes of patients’ immunity decline:

Patients with kidney disease will need to take lots of medicine, while long time’s use of hormone medicine can reduce immunity.

For patients with diabetic nephropathy, their elevated blood sugar can reduce the immune response to infection, which also means reducing patients immune ability.

Patients with kidney disease often have sleep problem, while sleep is the best antiphlogistic drug, because a kind of sleep factor called muramic acid will be produced in this process. Muramic acid can promote our immunity greatly. While kidney disease patients’ immunity will be damaged to some extend because of their sleep problem.

In addition, mental state can also make a significant influence to patients’ immunity. For patients with kidney disease, they may may have many complications, like itching, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, colored urine, sleep problem, etc, which can cause patients to have bad emotion state. Long term’s bad emotion condition can reduce our immunity, while patients with kidney disease are easy to suffer this condition. Besides, their disease often causes patients who are in the late stage to have nerve problem, which is more likely to reduce their immunity.

These are some common factors which are caused by kidney disease and can affect patients’ immunity. While if you have any doubt in this aspect, you can consult our online experts, and we will give you a detailed reply in time.

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