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Complications Associated With End Stage Renal Disease

Complications Associated With End Stage Renal DiseaseKidney disease is divided into five stages according to patients’ glomerular filtration rate (GFR). While patients in the end stage has a GFR lower than 15ml/min, and because patients with end stage renal disease have severe kidney damage and lots of wastes accumulation in blood, many complications will appear in this stage.


Hypertension is a common complication to patients with end stage renal disease. This complication is caused by two major reasons. One is the retention of sodium and fluid in patients’ body, the other is the increase of renin excretion. Hypertension is caused by kidney damage, and it can also aggravate patients’ condition severely.


Patients with kidney disease are easy to have edema. At the beginning, patients may have edema in their ankles or eyelids. As their disease progresses, they may have edema in their lungs, enterocoelia, etc, and patients may feel hard to breath if their edema is too severe.


Anemia is another common complication in patients with end stage kidney disease. Kidney has the function of excreting hemopoietin, which can promote the formation of red cells, while damaged kidney can not complete this function normally. Besides, as the wastes accumulating in the blood, some toxic substances may inhibit the medullary cells’ function of producing blood. As a result, patients with end stage renal disease often have anemia.

Nerve problem

As the accumulation of metabolic and toxic substances, patients with end stage renal disease often have nerve problem. Patients may have tingling in their arms and legs, besides, they may also have symptoms like the decrease of understanding and memory, having problem in concentration, dizziness, etc.

Digestive problem

Patients with end stage renal disease often have digestive problems, and patients may have symptoms like nausea, vomit and loss of appetite, etc. While this complication is mainly caused by the formation of ammonia which is produced by the decomposition of urea, and ammonia can cause inflammation and anabrosis in gastrointestinal tract.

Besides, patients with end stage renal disease may also have complications like heart disease, bone pain, rash, and so on.

Kidney is the organ which has the function of removing the wastes out of our body. So damaged kidneys can cause many disorders to patients, especially for patients with end stage renal disease.

In fact, dialysis and kidney transplant may be recommended in this stage due to patients’ severe condition.

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