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What Does GFR 24 Mean

What Does GFR 24 MeanGlomerular filtration rate (GFR) is a standard to judge which stage patients’ kidney disease belongs to. We have received patients’ this question: what does GFR 24 mean? And this article is the illustration of GFR and GFR 24’s meaning.

What can we know from GFR?

The GFR of normal people is about 125ml/min, but GFR can be affected by many factors, so if the value is more than 90ml/min, it is thought normal. GFR is a reflection of patients’ kidney condition. If patients have kidney disease, their nephrons will be damaged, so their kidney function will reduce, and then their kidneys’ GFR will also reduce.

If patients have chronic kidney disease, which is progressive. Their condition is divided into five stages according to the GFR level. If patients’ GFR is above 90ml/min, they are thought in stage 1. The level of 60~89ml/min means stage 2. The level of 30~59ml/min is stage 3, and15~29ml/min is stage 4. If patients’ GFR is under 15ml/min, they are in stage 5.

What does GFR 24 mean?

If patients have GFR 24, and this is caused by chronic kidney disease, we can know patients are already in stage 4, which means patients have a severe kidney damage.

In fact, kidney has strong compensation, and if only more than half kidney function is normal, our kidneys will be able to complete their work, and there will not have any problem caused by kidney damage. As we know, the normal GFR is about 125ml/min, so patients with GFR 24 means about four fifths kidney function is damaged. Thereby, patients will have many obvious symptoms in this time, such as edema, fatigue, nausea and vomit, itch, sleep problem, and so on.

Besides, the chronic kidney disease is progressive, and that meas patients’s condition will be more worsen. If it has not be controlled, patients will be in stage 5 before long, and patients will need dialysis and kidney transplant to prolong their lifetime in that time.

In the treatment, western medicine is good at treating single symptom, but it is not good at improving patients’ overall health. While chinese herbal medicine is good at improving patients’ overall health, and it can promote patients’ self-repairing ability, which is a great help to patients, but its shortage is it need a long time to have effect. Thereby, the combination of western medicine and chinese medicine is recommended.

In the end, if patients find their GFR is 24, they should accept treatment positively, and they should change their lifestyle according to their doctor’s advices. Besides, it is important for them to have confidence and good emotion in this time.   
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