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What to Eat with CKD stage 3

What to Eat with CKD stage 3

The treatment of chronic kidney disease needs a long time. In the process of treatment, the auxiliary effect of diet is very important. The reasonable collocation of food plays an irreplaceable role. But do you know what CKD patients in stage 3 could eat and what they should alert?
1. What to eat with CKD stage 3?
Soya bean, black beans and green beans. When we ask CKD patients what they cannot eat, most of them say beans. In fact, there are many kinds of beans, not all beans bad for CKD patients, and beans like soya beans, black beans and green beans are good for them. The protein in these beans is high quality, and when compared with other animal protein, the amount of methionine is lower. Low methionine can lower the damage to vessels of kidney and meantime protect the glomerular mesangial cells.
Duck blood. CKD patients in stage 3 may have blood urine and other bleeding, so it is good to eat some foods that contain iron. Duck blood contains rich iorn. Besides, this food is rich in high quality protein, amino acids that body can't form, erythrocytin, as well as microelement. All these plays important roles in the formation of blood. 
Carrots. There are plenty of nutrition and trace element in carrots. Eating more carrots can strengthen immunity of the body and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Carrots can also lower blood lipid, soften blood-fat, and stable blood pressure. Eat more carrots if possible.
Foods like fish, milk, yogurt, potato, sweet potato are also good for patients in stage 3. But because the causes and types of CKD are different, you’d better follow the recommend of your doctor.
2. What not to eat with CKD stage 3?
Banana. Banana is the most common fruit we have seen, but it is not good for CKD patients, especially in stage 3,4 and 5. There are plenty of potassium in banana, and too much potassium will add the burden of kidney. Hence lead to severer kidney disease.
Processed juice. If you are a CKD patient, and like to drink juice, pay attention to your health condition. It is harmful for CKD patients to drink processed juice. Because part of the packaged vegetable & fruit juices contain large amount of sodium, this may add the burden of kidney. Drink fresh juice may be better. Alert high protein foods, high sodium foods, high phosphorus foods and so on.
Remember that food itself can not cure disease, and different patients with kidney disease have different diets, you’d better go to a hospital to find medicine cure. If you have any questions, please ask our free online doctor and we will tell you more about stage 3 CKD and more about what to eat with CKD stage3.

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