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How To Improve GFR

How To Improve GFRGlomerular filtration rate (GFR) is often used to judge the condition of kidney function. It stands for the amount of fluid that can filter through glomeruli in unit time. Patients with kidney disease will have a lower GFR level than normality. Thereby, patients may have this question: how to improve GFR?

GFR can be affected by three factors, and they are the effective filtration pressure, the glomerular plasma flow, and the filtration area and filtration membrane’s permeability. To patients with kidney disease, their GFR decrease is mainly caused by the changes of filtration area and filtration membrane’s permeability.

The filtration membrane is consisted of mechanical barrier and electrostatic barrier, which can keep the useful substances in blood and leak the wastes out. Patients with kidney disease may have kidney damage, especially to patients who is in the late stage of kidney disease. Their filtration membrane’s permeability will increase, so lots of nutrients will leak out. On the other hand, patients’ kidney disease can cause hyperplasia and swelling in the glomerular blood capillary, which will lead to the decrease of effective filtration area. Thereby, patients’ GFR will decline.

So how can patients improve their GFR?

The root of their GFR increase is their kidney damage. Thereby, to improve their GFR, patients should repair their kidney function.

To patients with kidney damage, it is impossible to repair their necrotic kidney cells. While lots of kidney cells which have lost their function are just damaged, and these cells are possible to be repaired.

To improve their kidney condition, measures should be taken in their lifestyle and therapy. In their life, patents should have diet which is helpful to their health, and they should consult their doctor and nutritionist’s advices. Besides, patients should develop good life habits, like taking exercise regularly, having enough rest and avoiding tiredness, keeping good emotion, and so on. In their treatment, patients should cooperate with doctors’ arrangement positively. If patients take effective actions, their GFR must will be increased.

It is worth mentioning that western medicine is good at symptomatic treatment, and this is useful to treat patients’ complications. But the shortage of western medicine may be that it can not help to repair patients’ tissues. While traditional Chinese medicine is good at treat patients’ disease systematacially, and it is beneficial to promote patients’ self-repairing function, but the shortage of traditional Chinese medicine is it needs a long time.

In the end, hope our article can help you. If you need any help, you can also contact us, and we are glad to help you.

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