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End Stage Renal Disease Life Expectancy

End Stage Renal Disease Life ExpectancyThe glomerular filtration rate of patients in end stage renal disease is under 15ml/min, and it means patients have very severe kidney condition. In this condition, patients will need dialysis or kidney transplant to keep their life. So many people may want to know the life expectancy of patients in this stage.

As we know, kidney has the function of excreting our body’s wastes out. In the end stage of renal disease, patients’ kidneys have been damaged severely, so there will be lots of metabolic wastes and toxic substances accumulating in their blood. To keep their health, patients will need dialysis or kidney transplant to transport the harmful substances out of their blood. Dialysis and kidney transplant are different methods to treat their disease, so the life expectancy of patients who accept dialysis and patients who accept kidney transplant will also be different.

To patients who accept dialysis, their life expectancy is decided by many ingredients. If patients have fine financial situation, and if their body condition is relatively better, their life expectancy can be more than twenty years. Certainly, patients should have well lifestyle in this process. They should do exercise appropriately and regularly, and it is important for them to take sufficient nutrients. Besides, patients who accept dialysis also should avoid tiredness and prevent infection, because these ingredients can aggravate their condition severely. On the other hand, if patients do not have well care in this process, their life expectancy will be terrible. There are cases that patients who accept dialysis can only live one to two years.

To patients who accept kidney transplant, their life expectancy will be worse than patients who accept dialysis, because body will have rejection reaction to the transplanted kidney. The common life expectancy of patients who accept kidney transplant is about five to eight years, and patients who have better body condition and accept well cares may live more than ten years.

Life care and patients’ body condition are important to patients who accept renal replacement therapy. On the other hand, patients should also keep good emotion and positive attitude in their life, and that will be a great help to their health condition.

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