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How Long Can A Person Live With CKD

How Long Can A Person Live With CKDChronic kidney disease (CKD) is a kidney disease that can not be reversed. It is a big problem to human beings. Thereby, many patients with CKD want to know how long they can live with CKD.

CKD is a disease that has lesions in glomeruli. Hypertension, edema, protein urine and blood urine are its basic symptoms. CKD progresses slowly but continuously. If patients have not accept treatments timely, patients’ condition can worsen severely. Besides, diet and lifestyle for patients with CKD will also influence their condition significantly, and if patients get infection, their condition will also be aggravated seriously.

CKD is divided into five stage according to patients’ glomerular filtration rate. Because kidney has strong compensation, patents will not have any symptom until more than half kidney function has been damaged. So the prognosis of CKD patients is different according to patients’ condition.

To patients in stage one and two, they may have no symptom, and this disease can not affect their life. Their disease is able to be controlled if they take right actions to treat it. On the other hand, if patients have reasonable diet and good lifestyle, which is beneficial to protect their kidney function and overall health, they can improve their condition greatly. Besides, as we have said, infection can aggravate patients’ condition greatly, so it it very important for them to prevent it in their life. If patients treat their disease rightly, their disease will not cause any dangerous condition to them.

To patients with CKD three and four, their conditions are relatively severe. In this condition, patients should do their best to slow its progression. Except for the measures that we have said, patients should follow their doctors’ arrangements and have examination regularly. Besides, keeping good emotion and positive attitude is very important for patients in this condition. If right measures are taken, it may take more than ten years for patients in this condition to progress into stage five.

To patients in stage five CKD, they have many severe symptoms, and most of they will need to dialysis or kidney transplant to keep their life. Their lifetime is different according to their conditions. For patients who take advanced therapy and right lifestyle, they can live more than ten years if they have dialysis. For patients who accept kidney transplant, most of they may live about fives years, but there are cases patients live more than ten years.

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