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Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 - 2

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 - 2

In Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 - 2, there are usually no signs to remind patients of kidney damage. Therefore, most patients don't know they have Stage 1 or 2 CKD unless they are tested for diabetes, high blood pressure or other conditions. That is to say, patients can still live a normal life in these two stages, also called early stage.

Although CKD Stage 1 and 2 usually don't cause obvious symptoms or complication, this doesn't mean patients can leave their kidney problem uncontrolled. To slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease and prevent kidney failure, patients should modify their diet plan and lifestyle timely. If necessary, some medical therapies may be also needed.

If you are diagnosed with stage 1 or 2 chronic kidney disease, you can try to improve your kidney condition from the following aspects.

1. Learn to develop a healthy diet plan

In early stage, kidney patients should follow a low-sodium and low-protein diet plan. Generally, 1,000~ 4,000 mg of sodium and 0.8g/kg body weight of protein is recommended every day for these patients. Besides, their meal plan should contain a variety of grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, high-quality protein, and so on.

2. Control the underlying cause timely

At present, chronic kidney disease can be caused by many factors, among which diabetes and high blood pressure are two leading causes. In this case, patients should keep their blood sugar and blood pressure under control through diet plan and medications.

3. Do exercise regularly

In addition to stopping smoking and alcohol, doing exercise regularly is good to control patients' high blood pressure, increase their immunity and help fight against kidney disease effectively.

4. Protect residual kidney cells timely

Protecting the remaining kidney functioning tissues is the only way to stop the progress of chronic kidney disease. Only if patients stay in stage 1 or 2 chronic kidney disease, they can live a normal life forever. Of course, it is better to reverse these patients' kidney damage.

The above is an overview of Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 1 - 2. If you want to know more about what foods to eat or avoid, what exercise is good or what treatment is best to protect your kidneys, you can leave your question to or in the form below.

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