Merry Christmas




Give you our best wishes in advance

Christmas is the new year in western countries, there are many delicious foods, happy parties and activities in this festival. But for kidney disease patients, while having a happy holiday, must pay attention to your lifestyle. Now, let us give you the best wishes from our medical staff and patients. And some important tips about your kidney care to make sure that you can spend a happy holiday! If you have any question about kidney disease, please do not forget to consult our online doctor or send us an email.

Greetings from hospitalized patients :

Merry Christmas my friends! This is an unique Christmas for me because I spend this Christmas with those angelic medical staff. They give me happiness, love and a good recovery. I also get many good friends around the world in this hospital. We talk together and encourage each other. Those friends give me hope and relieve my sadness of disease.

Greetings from the medical staff :

Merry Christmas! A good mood could promote your recovery. Kidney disease is not the biggest enemy for you. Pick up your confidence, let's fight with kidney disease together! We will give you the warmth of family, intimate care and obvious effects. Never say give up!

If you are the kidney disease patient or you have question on kidney disease, please leave your contact way below or consult our online doctor.

The tips for your health in Christmas:

Do not drink alcohol even you are very happy.

Do not forget the diet principles: low salt, low fat, low potassium, high quality low protein and high vitamin.

When you have party with friends, do not stay up late and make you very fatigue.

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